- Triangle NY -

"Triangle NY" is the concept name of my photography.


A triangle can be understood to be a figure composed of three points.



The first point is me, the second point is you, the viewer,


and the third and last point is the place in which I live (New York City).



When the three points are connected,


a triangle with multiple angles and a two-dimensional space is born for the first time.



That space is "Triangle NY" photography and I create it in my photography.



I'd like to create lasting angles between you and me in New York through these photos.



At last, I love taking photographs and spending time with my friends and family.


 - Biography -

Photographer : Shintaro Ueyama Birthplace : Nara, Japan


I began taking photography seriously in 2010.



A digital single lens reflex camera strengthened my interest in photography.



In the beginning, my focus was New York landscapes and the Manhattan Skyline.



I've been composing collecting moon photos as a portrait subject in New York since 2011.


Although I am not formally trained, I do hope you enjoy my vision


and can identify with the sincerity and beauty of these images .


     Triangle NY   

        Shintaro  Ueyama

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