- Triangle NY -

"Triangle NY" is the concept name of my photography.


A triangle can be understood to be a figure composed of three points.



The first point is me, the second point is you, the viewer,


and the third and last point is the place in which I live (New York City).



When the three points are connected,


a triangle with multiple angles and a two-dimensional space is born for the first time.



That space is "Triangle NY" photography and I create it in my photography.



I'd like to create lasting angles between you and me in New York through these photos.



At last, I love taking photographs and spending time with my friends and family.


- Biography -

Photographer : Shintaro Ueyama  

Birthplace : Nara, Japan

I began taking a serious interest in photography starting in 2010 and there are two main themes for my photographic activities.

The First is  "The Moon in New York". I've been regularly collecting moon photos amid New York landmarks. 

My second interest is "Portrait photography set in New York City" where I try to capture the feeling of this great city.

Although I am not formally trained, I do hope you enjoy my work and can identify with the sincerity and beauty of these images.


 Triangle NY   

   Shintaro  Ueyama